Tom, Kelly and Family

Tom and Kelly both are very close to their parents, siblings, and their extended families. They are active Packers, Badgers and Brewers fans, attending games whenever possible. They especially enjoy bowling and time with friends, as well as volunteering together.  

Tom and his brother Steve.

Tom's Story

Tom was born in Milwaukee in 1973 and is the youngest of four brothers. His father, whom he deeply misses, worked for over 30 years as an assembler at Allen Bradley, after having served in the Coast Guard.  His mother, a native of Upper Michigan, worked for decades as a nurse, mostly second shift.

Tom’s parents worked hard to provide for the family.  In 1986, after years of camping throughout Northern Wisconsin, they realized their dream of buying property on a lake in Vilas County.  The family camped extensively on that land for years, built a partial home in 1991, and then, in 1997, significantly expanded the home.

Shortly thereafter, Tom’s dad retired, and Tom’s parents moved permanently to the home, after which Tom’s mom worked as a nurse at Howard Young Medical Center before retiring herself.  Tom’s parents resided year round at the house, with family visiting frequently.  Tom’s mother, who is active in the local community, continues to live at the home.

Tom attended UW-Milwaukee as an undergraduate, received a master’s degree from UW-Madison, and received his law degree from Marquette.  In addition to scholarships he received, while attending classes at UWM fulltime, Tom also worked fulltime in a stockroom to pay for his undergraduate education.  Indeed, Tom continued working throughout all of his schooling.

Following law school, Tom served as a law clerk on the Wisconsin Supreme Court and then the Seventh Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals.  Thereafter, he practiced law at a medium-sized Milwaukee law firm for over a decade, including being a shareholder in the firm. Tom litigated cases across Wisconsin and the Midwest.

Despite successes in private practice, Tom yearned to serve the public as a judge, and in particular, an appeals court judge.  He also strongly desired to move to northern Wisconsin.   As such, he sought and received an appointment to serve on District III of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. 

Since that appointment, Tom has been blessed to provide his legal talents as an appellate judge and to “live life” in Northern Wisconsin.  One of the most-enjoyable aspects of his job is traveling extensively throughout the entire district to meet, interact with, and listen to members of the various communities, both legal and general.


Wisconsin Court of Appeals - District III

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